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Wizards Live Action Chess


Play Wizards Live Action Chess with New England’s Own Knights of Gore!

This version of The Wizard Chess Game has been created exclusively for New England WizardFest and Magic Convention, to be played on a 20×20 foot Chessboard!

Audience participation is encouraged!
Will the Knights duel with you? No. 
Will they duel with each other? Absolutely!
Pawns are Wizards in this game, so know your Spells to win the Game !
Participants will be chosen at random.

Not everyone will get to play on the Chessboard due to time constraints. However, all enthusiastic wizards, witches, and mages can cheer on their favorite team!

The Knights will also be available between games for photo ops … take lots of pictures and share on social media!

Wizards Live Action Chess is included in general admission tickets!

Let’s Play!


This game is recommended for ages 7 and older, based on their ability to understand the rules of the game – however, you know what’s best for your child.