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The Enchanting Journey of the Ford Anglia 105E ‘Flying Car’

The Ford Anglia 105E is a charming piece of automobile history, but one particular model has flown above and beyond its humble origins. This ‘Flying Car’ isn’t any ordinary automobile; it’s a special variant enchanted by Arthur Weasley, a beloved character from the Harry Potter series. This fascinating artifact of both the muggle and magical worlds provides an exceptional story of transformation and adventure.

The Wizard’s Modification

Arthur Weasley, a wizard fascinated by muggle contrivances, bewitched a standard Ford Anglia 105E. His alterations allowed the vehicle to defy the law of gravity, turn invisible to the untrained muggle eye, and possess an interior far more spacious than its exterior dimensions would suggest. Such modifications allowed the Weasley family to embark on adventures beyond the scope of any ordinary car.

His son Ron, perhaps more famous for his association with Harry Potter, made unauthorized use of this enchanted vehicle. The most notable incident was when he and Harry used the car to reach Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the magical gateway at Platform 9¾ was mysteriously sealed.

A Muggle Masterpiece

In the non-magical world, the Ford Anglia 105E was a relatively popular model despite its overshadowing by the Mini at its 1959 Motor Show debut. It achieved significant sales success with over a million units of the 105E and more potent 123E models manufactured before the production run ended in 1967.

Originally produced in Dagenham, the production line was later shifted to a new factory at Halewood, Merseyside, in 1963. This standard car offered an in-line 4-cylinder engine with an overhead valve setup, putting out 41bhp at 5000rpm. Priced at £495 when new, the Anglia could reach a top speed of 76mph.

A Star on Screen and Off

The Ford Anglia 105E ‘Flying Car’ was prominently featured in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. This specific vehicle was stolen in 2005 but was fortunately recovered after the thieves abandoned it, likely due to the intense media interest around the stolen magical artifact.

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